Algorand Namespace - Addresses

Author Kevin Wellenzohn
Status Draft
Type Standard
Created 2023-06-05
Updated 2023-06-05
Requires CAIP-2, CAIP-10


For context, see the CAIP-10 specification.


Algorand addresses are canonically represented as 58-character long strings, written in all-upper-case. Account addresses are independent of the network in which they are used, and should be prefixed by the chainID of mainnet when stored in CAIP-10 format unless another chainID is significant in context (i.e. in a chainID-specific transaction). Addresses are derived from a base32-encoding of a 32-byte key followed by a 4-byte checksum. The base32 padding (=) is dropped.

Algorand accounts, smart contracts, and logic signatures all share the same address format. They differ in how the 32-byte key is computed:

  1. Smart Contracts: The 32-byte key is the SHA512/256 hash of the byte-string 0x6170704944 (hexadecimal representation of the ASCII string appID) concatenated with the smart contract’s ID as 64-bit big-endian integer.
  2. Logic Signatures: The 32-byte key is the SHA512/256 hash of the byte-string 0x50726F6772616D (hexadecimal representation of the ASCII string Program) concatenated with the smart signature’s compiled byte-code.

The checksum is computed as the four last bytes in the SHA512/256 hash of the 32-byte key.

A raw address, consisting of the 32-byte key plus 4-byte checksum, contains (32+4)*8 = 288 bits of information. The base32-encoding of this address contains 58 characters, each encoding 5 bits of information, hence 58 * 5 = 290 bits in total. This means the last two bits of the base32-encoding are redundant and Algorand enforces that they be zero. This means a valid Algorand address must end in one of the following characters: [A, E, I, M, Q, U, Y, 4].


Algorand addresses match the following regular expression:


Test Cases

Account address:

# Public key (in HEX format)

# Algorand MainNet

# Algorand TestNet

# Algorand BetaNet

Smart contract address:

# App ID

# Algorand MainNet

# Algorand TestNet

# Algorand BetaNet

Logic signature address:

# Logic signature (byte-code in HEX):

# Algorand MainNet

# Algorand TestNet

# Algorand BetaNet


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