Chain Agnostic Namespaces offer an informative context and profiles for various Chain Agnostic Improvement Proposals ("CAIPs") for a given blockchain environment, serving as a reference for cross-chain and cross-ecosystem development. For more information on the Chain Agnostic Standards Alliance that edits these standards, see our homepage on github

Namespace CAIP profiles
Informative Context 2 10 19 122
Algorand Namespace X
Arweave Namespace X X X
Bitcoin-based Networks (BIP122) X X
Cosmos Ecosystem
Ethereum Ecosystem (EIP155) X X X X
Filecoin Ecosystem X
Hedera Namespace X X X
Koinos Namespace X
Polkadot Namespace X X
Solana Ecosystem X X X X
Stacks Namespace X X X
StarkNet Ecosystem X X
Stellar Ecosystem X
Tezos Ecosystem X
TVM Ecosystem X
Waves Ecosystem X X X
XRP Ledger Namespace X X