Waves Namespace - Addresses

Author Maxim Smolyakov, Yury Sidorov
Discussions-To https://github.com/ChainAgnostic/namespaces/pull/49
Status Draft
Type Standard
Created 2023-01-19
Requires CAIP-2, CAIP-10


For context, see the [CAIP-10][] specification.


Each Waves “account” has one public key that is the same across any Waves blockchain. But on each Waves blockchain, this public key is expressed as a distinct “address” expressed as a 26 byte array derived from public key (and chain identifier) and represented as a Base58btc encoded string.

Waves “address” can change depending on chain ID. This prevents unintentional transfers across Waves blockchains. Addresses also contain an address checksum mechanism, which protects against typos and copying errors of the address.


The syntax of Waves addresses:

caip10-like address:    namespace + ":" chainId + ":" + address
namespace:              waves
chain Id:               [-128..127] value packed with leading zeros at least 3 characters in length
address:                Waves address represented as a [Base58btc][]-encoded string

The underlying form of each Waves address is byte array of Entity type + Chain ID + Account public key hash + Checksum, where:

  1. Entity type — always 1-byte integer with value 1
  2. Chain ID — 1-byte integer of current blockchain ID
  3. Account public key hash — first 20 bytes of the result of keccak256(publicKey) hashing function
  4. Checksum — first 4 bytes of the result of `keccak256(Entity type + Chain ID
    • Account public key hash)` hashing function.

Resolution method

To derive an address from public key, make a GET HTTP request /addresses/publicKey/{publicKey} to the blockchain node, for example: https://nodes-testnet.wavesnodes.com/addresses/publicKey/7Y5rWP1aB1iGkDer8cS9TasAv1HpvCMZiZ2C9KLema6

Thus, the node will return in response an address of the account with the public key for the current blockchain, for example:

    "address": "3NBNV8hiq8DTVF7UmzFLSUwud3h3pKZkVB3"

Test Cases

# Namespace-wide Public Key:
# 7Y5rWP1aB1iGkDer8cS9TasAv1HpvCMZiZ2C9KLema6

# Address on Waves Mainnet (87)

# Address on Waves Testnet (84)

# Waves custom network (-7)

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