Ethereum Ecosystem (EIP155)

Author Simon Warta, ligi, Pedro Gomes, Antoine Herzog, Joel Thorstensson
Status Draft
Type Informational
Created 2019-12-05
Updated 2022-03-27
Withdrawal reason CAIP-3, CAIP-21, CAIP-22

Namespace for EIP155 chains

This document describes the syntax and structure of the EIP155 namespace, commonly referred to as the “EVM” namespace for chains using the Ethereum Virtual Machine.


EIP155 is an Ethereum Improvement Process specifying addressing across Ethereum-based chains, generalized by CAIP-2. Definition of valid references within that namespace and constraints are deferred to the EIP155 specification, which may be superseded by future EIPs.


  • EIP155: Ethereum Improvement Proposal specifying generation and validation of ChainIDs
  • [ethereum-lists/chains][]: An open registry for eip155 network operators to claim a unique chainID and self-publish RPC/node information for them.
  • ERC20: Basic [aka Fungible] Token Standard
  • ERC721: Non-Fungible Token Standard


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.


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Simon Warta, ligi, Pedro Gomes, Antoine Herzog, Joel Thorstensson, "namespaces/eip155: Ethereum Ecosystem (EIP155) [DRAFT]," Chain Agnostic Namespaces, eip155, December 2019 / March 2022. [Online serial]. Available: