Solana Namespace - Asset

Author Qiao Liang
Status Draft
Type Standard
Created 2022-06-01
Updated 2022-06-01
Requires CAIP-2, CAIP-10, CAIP-19, CAIP-30


For context, see the CAIP-19 specification.


On Solana, all contracts are stateless and state is instead represented using “accounts”. More specifically, all fungible and non-fungible tokens use the same instance of token contracts and for each token:

  • 1 single global “mint” account instance is used for the global data like “total supply”.
  • each token account represents an account balance belonging to a given address.

The only difference between fungible tokens and non-fungible tokens is that non-fungible token mints have a total supply of 1 and zero decimal place. Both asset type can be identified by their “mint” account.


After the CAIP-2 (namespace+chainID), a slash defines an asset_namespace and an asset_reference. Since both fungible and non-fungible tokens can be identified using the mint account, we use token (fungible) and nft (non-fungible) as the asset namespaces and the address of the mint account as the reference in both.

Reference Equivalent to See also
token ERC20 Token Metaplex Fungible
nft ERC721 Metaplex NonFungible


# One Solana Mainnet NFT:Pesky Penguins #398

# Solana Mainnet USDC

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