MultiversX Namespace - Addresses

Author MultiversX Team
Status Draft
Type Standard
Created 2023-09-11
Requires CAIP-2, CAIP-10


For context, see the CAIP-10 specification.


The MultiversX Address format is bech32, specified by the BIP_0173. The human-readable-part of the bech32 addresses is “erd” and the universal separator 1, which means that the MultiversX address always starts with an erd1, e.g.: erd1sea63y47u569ns3x5mqjf4vnygn9whkk7p6ry4rfpqyd6rd5addqyd9lf2.

The MultiversX network defines the address of an account as the bech32 representation of the public key of its corresponding pair of keys (the secret key remains known only to the user that owns the key pair). The public key is 32 bytes in length (64 hex characters), while the address (bech32) is 62 characters long.

On MultiversX, deployed Smart Contracts and only deployed Smart Contracts have their hex (raw) addresses prefixed with 8 zero bytes (meaning that their bech32 address will begin with erd1qqqqqqqqqqqq )


caip10-like address:    namespace + ":" chainId + ":" + address
namespace:              mvx
chain Id:               1, D or T
address:                bech32-formatted MultiversX address (erd1...)

Test Cases

#Wallet address on MultiversX Mainnet

#Deployed Smart Contract on MultiversX Mainnet

MultiversX Devnet

MultiversX Testnet


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