Bitcoin-based Networks (BIP122)

Author Simon Warta, ligi, Pedro Gomes
Status Draft
Type Informational
Created 2019-12-05
Updated 2022-03-27
Withdrawal reason CAIP-4

Namespace for BIP122 chains

This document describes the syntax and structure of the BIP122 namespace, which formalized a URI scheme for references on Bitcoin-based networks that conform to the convention, abstracting out specifics of block explorer interfaces.


BIP122 is a draft specification from the Bitcoin improvement process from 2015 which has achieved wide adoption. It defines a blockchain:// URI scheme, although it has not, to date, been registered with IANA. Note: an IANA registration has been proposed for bitcoin:// URIs, based on the older, and less chain-agnostic BIP21.


  • BIP13: Bitcoin Improvement Proposal specifying “Script Hash” addresses
  • BIP21: Bitcoin Improvement Proposal specifying bitcoin URI scheme
  • BIP122: Bitcoin Improvement Proposal specifying blockchain URI scheme


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