Tezos Namespace - Account ID Specification

Author Carlo van Driesten
Discussions-To https://github.com/ChainAgnostic/namespaces/pull/40
Status Draft
Type Standard
Created 2022-12-06
Updated 2024-02-28
Requires CAIP-2, CAIP-10

For context, see the CAIP-10 specification.


Tezos supports the use of multiple public-key signature schemes; for this reason, a given account can have multiple addresses, each of which is prefixed with tz1 (Ed25519 curve), tz2 (Secp256k1 curve), tz3 (NIST P256 curve), or tz4 (BLS12-381 curve from the BLS family) referenced in the Tezos address types glossary. After the prefix, the rest of the account address is a Base58 Check Encoded Blake2B Hash of a public key of the type corresponding to the prefix.


The syntax of a Tezos address matches the following regular expression (note the 58-character alphabet):


Chain IDs

For how to compute a valid chainId segment or a list of examples, see the CAIP-2 profile.

Alias Chain ID
tezos:mainnet tezos:NetXdQprcVkpaWU
tezos:ghostnet tezos:NetXnHfVqm9iesp

Tezos addresses are invariable across networks.

Test Cases

Manually composed examples follow:

# Ed25519-key address on Tezos Mainnet
# Genesis block hash: BLockGenesisGenesisGenesisGenesisGenesisf79b5d1CoW2

# NIST p256-key address on Tezos Ghostnet
# Genesis block hash: BLockGenesisGenesisGenesisGenesisGenesis1db77eJNeJ9


  • Tezos address types - Important context on the Tezos system of addresses and key representations.
  • Tezos Smart Contract: General definition of a Tezos smart contract.
  • CAIP-2: Chain ID Specification.
  • CAIP-10: Account ID Specification.
  • Ed25519 - Ed25519: high-speed high-security signatures.
  • Secp256k1 - Elliptic curve used in Bitcoin’s public-key cryptography.
  • NIST P256 - One of the most used elliptic curves including native support in some mobile devices.
  • BLS family - BLS12-381 is a pairing-friendly elliptic curve construction from the BLS family, with embedding degree 12.


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