Concordium - Networks

Author Concordium development team
Status Draft
Type Standard
Created 2023-04-01


For context, see the CAIP-2 specification.

This CAIP defines an identification schema for Concordium networks. The Concordium networks are identified by the ccd namespace prefix, followed by a truncated hash of the given network’s genesis block.


Concordium has one mainnet and potentially several testnets. These networks are uniquely identified by a hash of their genesis blocks.


Concordium’s network ID is a hash of its genesis block in hexadecimal encoding, truncated to the first 32 characters.

Resolution Mechanics

A hash of the genesis block can be obtained using the gRPC interface of a Concordium node (see Concordium gRPC). The GetConsensusInfo command provides data which includes the hash of that network’s genesis block, which can be truncated to serve as the network identifier.

The request using a CLI tool concordium-client looks as follows:

concordium-client raw GetConsensusInfo

Example response for the testnet node:

    "bestBlock": "fa03132dbd8e5d0a2871c47a50bfbd532f3ef4c598098e64eed5a07a169f2574",
    "bestBlockHeight": 3541516,
    "blockArriveLatencyEMA": 0.1463579781506756,
    "blockArriveLatencyEMSD": 5.644804435079067e-2,
    "blockArrivePeriodEMA": 10.773324091402692,
    "blockArrivePeriodEMSD": 10.96881296245654,
    "blockLastArrivedTime": "2023-08-07T16:05:09.799512996Z",
    "blockLastReceivedTime": "2023-08-07T16:05:09.791343727Z",
    "blockReceiveLatencyEMA": 0.13744546306746866,
    "blockReceiveLatencyEMSD": 5.6358647255823326e-2,
    "blockReceivePeriodEMA": 10.773406674300828,
    "blockReceivePeriodEMSD": 10.96849563757842,
    "blocksReceivedCount": 229906,
    "blocksVerifiedCount": 229906,
    "currentEraGenesisBlock": "7687b54a59fa29d40c69278a01ddd33a40a8fdd6775a3a01343b3576205db1e1",
    "currentEraGenesisTime": "2022-11-22T11:05:19.5Z",
    "epochDuration": 3600000,
    "finalizationCount": 206332,
    "finalizationPeriodEMA": 11.586703983078877,
    "finalizationPeriodEMSD": 11.25944943176555,
    "genesisBlock": "4221332d34e1694168c2a0c0b3fd0f273809612cb13d000d5c2e00e85f50f796",
    "genesisIndex": 2,
    "genesisTime": "2022-06-13T10:00:00Z",
    "lastFinalizedBlock": "fa03132dbd8e5d0a2871c47a50bfbd532f3ef4c598098e64eed5a07a169f2574",
    "lastFinalizedBlockHeight": 3541516,
    "lastFinalizedTime": "2023-08-07T16:05:10.728847984Z",
    "protocolVersion": 5,
    "slotDuration": 250,
    "transactionsPerBlockEMA": 2.739314019392612e-2,
    "transactionsPerBlockEMSD": 0.16322608879784517

Truncating the value of the genesisBlock attribute to the first 32 characters gives 4221332d34e1694168c2a0c0b3fd0f27

Backwards Compatibility

Not applicable

Test Cases

This is a list of manually composed examples:

# Concordium mainnet

# Current Concordium testnet


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