Waves Blockchain ID Specification

Author Maxim Smolyakov, Yury Sidorov
Discussions-To https://github.com/ChainAgnostic/namespaces/pull/49
Status Draft
Type Standard
Created 2023-01-19
Requires CAIP-2


In CAIP-2 a general blockchain identification scheme is defined. This is the implementation of CAIP-2 for Waves network.



Blockchains in the “waves” namespace are identified by their chain ID.

Chain ID format is a signed integer in decimal representation. The signed integer is represented as a one-byte signed integer in the range [-128..127].

chainId:    namespace + ":" + reference
namespace:  waves
reference:  integer in the range [-128..127], padded to 3 chars with leading 0s

If the value is shorter than 3 characters (negative sign included), then it must be padded with enough leading zeros to reach 3 characters, i.e. -69 or 007.

Resolution method

There is no in-protocol resolution method at present. But there is a solution for some cases where it might be needed.

To resolve a blockchain reference for the Waves namespace, make a GET HTTP request /addresses to the blockchain node, for example:

  • GET https://nodes-testnet.wavesnodes.com/addresses

The node will return in response an array of its public blockchain addresses, for example:


Decode any of them as Base58 string and take the second byte from the resulting array, for example (in pseudocode):

byte getChainId(String address) {
    byte[] decodedAddress = decodeBase58(address);
    return decodedAddress[1];

This byte is the chain ID of the blockchain where this node is running.


The chain ID is specified as a one-byte signed integer.

For example, the chain ID of Mainnet is 87 (ASCII code of “W”).

There may also be other custom networks based on Waves, but with a different chain ID.

Chain ID is used in binary format in the addressing representations of all entities in the namespace, namely:

Therefore, these entities cannot be used on another network with different chain ID.

Test Cases

This is a list of manually composed examples

# Waves Mainnet

# Waves Testnet

# Waves Stagenet

# Waves custom network used in the [private node Docker image][]

# Waves custom network with a negative Chain ID

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