XRP Ledger Namespace - Chains

Author Anton Dalgren
Discussions-To https://github.com/ChainAgnostic/namespaces/pull/57/
Status Draft
Type Standard
Created 2023-02-23
Requires CAIP-2


For context, see the CAIP-2 specification.


The namespace xrpl refers to the XRP Ledger ecosystem, including its alternative testing and development networks.

The XRP Ledger ecosystem consists of several different blockchains. There is one production network called livenet where all business on the XRP Ledger takes place, a testing network called testnet for stable releases and a development network called devnet for beta releases. There are also some preview networks for particularly large network changes. The networks are identified by a numerical network_id.

An identifier for an XRPL chain consists of the xrpl namespace prefix followed by the chain’s unique network_id, an unsigned integer, i.e. xrpl:{network_id}.


A network id in the XRP Ledger ecosystem is defined as an unsigned integer ranging from 0 to 4294967295.

Resolution Method

To resolve a network reference for a XRPL network, POST a RPC request to the XRPL node with endpoint / for example:

// Request
curl --location --request POST "https://xrplcluster.com/" \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data-raw '{
    "method": "server_info",
    "params": [ ]
// Response
    "result": {
        "info": {
            "build_version": "1.9.4",
            "complete_ledgers": "32570-77992447",
            "hostid": "LEST",
            "initial_sync_duration_us": "328508164",
            "io_latency_ms": 1,
            "jq_trans_overflow": "9048",
            "last_close": {
                "converge_time_s": 3.001,
                "proposers": 34
            "load_factor": 1,
            "network_id": 0,
            "peer_disconnects": "29",
            "peer_disconnects_resources": "0",
            "peers": 23,
            "pubkey_node": "n9KQK8yvTDcZdGyhu2EGdDnFPEBSsY5wEgpU5GgpygTgLFsjQyPt",
            "server_state": "full",
            "server_state_duration_us": "35758622131",
            "state_accounting": {"..."},
            "time": "2023-Feb-23 13:24:41.285216 UTC",
            "uptime": 700794,
            "validated_ledger": {"..."},
            "validation_quorum": 28
        "status": "success"

The response will return a JSON object which will include server information.

The network reference can be retrieved from the field response.info.network_id in the response of the server_info RPC request.

Backwards Compatibility

Not applicable

Test Cases

This is a list of manually composed examples

# Livenet

# Testnet

# Devnet

# AMM - Devnet


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